Video: Surrogates, 2016. 

“Coming from a background in image making, aesthetics, and highly constructed photography, Anne Lamb's work Surrogates, is a departure from her craft and an experiment into a practice rooted in deeply personal subjects. We are taught that "artists" are those dealing with political or personal conflicts, and work with a medium to express their position. But what happens when you have prioritized the craft over the content? With this in mind, Lamb embraced her personal and sexual trauma's to create a video work rich with personal and emotional detail. Positioning emotional transparency over the saturation and position of the lighting,

Surrogates outlines the trauma of heart break, the tension between "feminism" and heterosexual male-female relations, and the stigma for heterosexual men to publicly perform their sexuality, or erotically present their bodies in front of a lens. Surrogates is a short video work where the artist is seen photographing about a dozen young men who meet the general societal guideline for what is "masculine", whilst they engage in an an intimate and personal dialogue about love and relationships. The video deals with the concept of a "female gaze”, and re-considers the power of performance by a conscious or an unconscious performer. The work examines whether generations of grooming women to “perform” their sexuality has left a divide between how men and women are seen, and how we perform our bodies when left in front of a lens. “ -

Steve Rushton

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